The ADAQUA Project

The Adaqua Project aims to bring valuable  solutions for a reasonable access to water

The project shortly

a project for sustainable water access for all Our project is revolved around two key ideas:   sustainability : Establish a picture of the innovative solutions to local WATER SUPPLY problems, with the different water stakeholders. general access : Test a calculation methodology of the water cost for the people who are not connected to the … Continue reading The project shortly

Water in the World

  Why do we have to talk about water???   Because water is a human right since 2011 Because 2,4 million persons die every year because of a lack of quality and accessibility of water Because half of the humanity does not have access to drinking water Because the “age of easy water is ended” … Continue reading Water in the World


Resolve the problem of water in the world goes through the education of young generations.  They must know how important water is and how to preserve it. That is why we will partner with schools in France, to share our experience and to rise awareness when we will come back. Schools which will be visited … Continue reading AquaSchool